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Is there anything more romantic than cuddling on the couch?! Of course not. There’s a reason modern dating can be summarized with the phrase "Netflix and chill." Netflix is for lovers! 

With a deep catalog and a seemingly endless supply of rom-coms, the streaming giant has a lock on the love department. Whether you're looking for something to make you cry, make you sigh, or put you in the mood, Netflix has a movie for you.

Here are the best romantic movies on Netflix (in no particular order).

1. Carol

Based on Patricia Highsmith's novel The Price of Salt(republished as Carolin 1990), Todd Haynes' Carolstars Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara as two forbidden lovers in 1950s New York. Therese (Mara) is an aspiring photographer working at a department store one Christmas when she meets Carol (Blanchett), who is shopping for a present for her daughter. The sparks fly immediately, but their blossoming love has a few roadblocks, such as Carol's impending divorce from her crappy husband Harge (Kyle Chandler, no!), not to mention that era's attitude toward homosexuality.

If you're in the mood for queer yearning, a tense slow-burn, and one of the best sapphic love stories ever, Carolis the perfect watch. You will feel all the feelings. — Yasmeen Hamadeh, Freelance Contributor  

How to watch:Carolis now streaming on Netflix.

2. Lady Chatterley's Lover

A couple kisses. Credit: Netflix

This modern adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's scandalous 1928 novel will leave you absolutely swooning. Emma Corrin (The Crown) is spectacular as Connie Reid, the titular Lady Chatterley. Her marriage to Clifford Chatterley seemed like the perfect match before the war, but when he returns paralyzed, withdrawn, and uninterested in her happiness, Connie feels utterly alone and isolated in their empty countryside manor. She finds a refuge for her oppressive loneliness in the estate's gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors (Jack O'Connell). Very quickly the two begin a torrid affair that is both passionate and tender, exuberant and profound — and a threat to both of their lifestyles. 

Much like the source material, Lady Chatterley's Loverputs sex on full display. Their trysts are steamy and explicit, but thanks to the incredible vulnerability of Corrin and O'Connell, and the steady hand of director Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, they never feel pornographic. The lovers' stolen moments are deeply intimate and personal. Together, in the sumptuous woods of the Chatterley estate, they explore each other's bodies and souls with unbridled joy. It's an elegant and sensual adaptation that makes an age-old story feel like a breath of fresh air. — Kristina Grosspietsch, Freelance Contributor

How to watch:Lady Chatterley's Loveris now streaming on Netflix.

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3. Entergalactic

When street artist Jabari (Kid Cudi) moves into his new Manhattan apartment for a major job opportunity, he knows his life is about to change. But what he doesn’t anticipate is how mesmerized he will be by his charming photographer neighbor, Meadow (Jessica Williams). 

With a breathtaking animation style reminiscent of Into the Spiderverseand Arcane, Entergalactic is a fresh, captivating love story. Accompanied by the music of Kid Cudi’s 2022 album of the same name, the couple falls head over heels in a breathless, unbelievably lovely sequence — it’s hard not to fall with them. With epically imaginative visuals and a star-studded supporting voice cast featuring Ty Dolla Sign, Timothée Chalamet, and Vanessa Hudgens, Entergalacticis a one-of-a-kind romance for the modern audience. — K.G.

How to watch:Entergalacticis now streaming on Netflix.

4. Love at First Sight

Based on a hit novelby Jennifer E. Smith, Love at First Sight is a delightful romance with an airport at the center of its meet-cute. Haley Lu Richardson is a perpetually late, underprepared American student heading to London for her dad’s wedding, and Ben Hardy is a charismatic Brit who offers to lend her his phone charger at a crucial moment. They fall in love during the flight, but a mix-up at baggage claim prevents the star-crossed pair from sharing their contact information. Will they ever see each other again? Love at First Sightis a champion charmer, but it also packs a more weighty emotional punch than your standard rom-com. Gut-wrenching moments from a particularly unique costume party will stay with you for days.*— K.G.

How to watch:Love at First Sightis now streaming on Netflix.

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5. When We First Met

A man peeks behind a white curtain at a party. Credit: Jami Saunders

Groundhog Day meets Some Kind of Wonderful in this delightful romantic comedy from director Ari Sandel. Adam Devine and Alexandra Daddario star as Noah and Avery, friends who could've worked as a couple but didn't get the timing right. So when the pining Noah discovers a magical photo booth that will transport him back to the night he and Avery first met, he's willing to do anything to get it right this time(s). Funny and surprisingly sweet, When We First Met is a hidden gem time-travel romp with spectacular supporting performances and a predictable ending you'll like all the same. — Alison Foreman, Entertainment Reporter

How to watch:When We First Metis now streaming on Netflix.

6. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Karan Johar's directorial debut became an instant Bollywood classic when it hit theaters in 1998. Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) and Anjali (Kajol) are college besties until Rahul falls in love with Tina (Rani Mukerji) and Anjali realizes her true feelings for him. The friends become estranged before Tina dies, leaving behind a daughter, also named Anjali in honor of their old friend. Little Anjali grows up reading letters from her late mother, and she learns about her father's old friend — his first love. Tina tasks her daughter with tracking down Anjali and reuniting the friends as lovers, once and for all.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hairemains Johar's best work to date, a film that made his name synonymous with pure power in the Hindi film industry. Khan and Kajol's chemistry captivates throughout, from their Gap-clad days of college teasing to the unfathomable sexual tension of the gazebo scene. Despite being famous for its love triangle, the movie never pits Anjali and Tina against each other, instead depicting a beautiful friendship between the two women as well as their respective relationships to Rahul. "Pyar dosti hai," Rahul declares early on: Love is friendship. And Kuch Kuch Hota Haiis nothing if not a timeless story about friends. — Proma Khosla, Senior Entertainment Reporter

How to watch:Kuch Kuch Hota Haiis now streaming on Netflix.

7. Set It Up

A man and a woman smile at a party. Credit: Netflix

Rom-coms are back, baby — and Set It Up, written by Katie Silberman (who also penned Booksmart) and directed by Claire Scanlon (The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), is one of the best entries of this new golden age! Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell are young assistants who hatch a plan to set up their high-strung, demanding bosses (Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs) so they can finally get a weekend off. What these two schemers never anticipated, of course, was that they might find themselves in their own romance in the process. Whoops!

Set It Upis a fun, hilarious romp that feels exponentially more real than your standard, candy-coated romantic comedy. The characters are charming because they're flawed, and they talk like people you know (Zoey uses insider nicknames like "Golf Guy" when chatting with her friends about her dating life). If you're looking for a romantic comedy that leaves you feeling like you just had the night out with your crew, this is the movie for you.*K.G.

How to watch:Set It Upis now streaming on Netflix.

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8. A Walk to Remember

Fantastically soapy and emotionally manipulative, A Walk to Rememberis a Hall of Famer in the dying-teen-romance genre. Modern hits like The Fault in Our Starsowe a debt of gratitude to this 2002 classic based on Nicholas Sparks' novel. 

Shane West is high school bad boy Landon Carter, who gets the choice between being expelled or joining the school play. (High school theater is an equivalent punishment to being kicked out of school. Perfect premise. No notes!) Now forced to interact with the nerdy theater kids, he finally notices Mandy Moore’s radiant Jamie. Once her father (a REVEREND! Religious overtones! A Walk to Rememberhas it ALL!) finally agrees to let them date, Landon learns the reason why Jamie is able to live so fully in the present: She might not have much time left. — K.G. 

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How to watch:A Walk to Rememberis now streaming on Netflix.

9. Been So Long

A young couple embraces while walking on the street at night. Credit: Netflix

Do you love musicals, romance, and Michaela Coel? ThenBeen So Longis the movie for you. This stylish musical epic follows Simone (Coel), a young, single mother in London completely wrapped up in caring for her differently abled daughter. After her friends and family tell her she's too uptight, she finally agrees to a night out and meets the handsome, complicated Raymond (Arinzé Kene). The two tentatively begin a flirtation, though they'll each have to contend with their own baggage before the relationship can thrive.

Directed by Tinge Krishnan and adapted from the successful stage show of the same name, Been So Longis a bright and buoyant musical for the modern era. The stories are grounded and complex, the characters are relatable, and — perhaps most importantly — the songs are absolute bops!*K.G.

How to watch:Been So Long is now streaming on Netflix.

10. Plus One

Ben King (Jack Quaid) and Alice Mori (Maya Erskine) are old college friends who, in their late twenties, find themselves some of the few people in their circles left without partners. With a summer of endless weddings and awkward singles tables ahead of them, Ben and Alice decide to team up as each other’s plus ones and wingmen for the nuptial marathon, accidentally falling for each other along the way. 

With a cast full of indie comedy darlings and a funny, grounded script, Plus One is a top notch rom-com for the modern era. For outrageous hijinks and convenient romance, look elsewhere. This is a sweet, relatable winner that feels about as real as a rom-com can get.*— K.G.

How to watch:Plus One is now streaming on Netflix.

11. To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Two teenagers and a child laugh in a car. Credit: Netflix

Netflix's rom-com revival kicked off in 2018, a year whose slate included this criminally charming movie based on the novel by Jenny Han. Lara Jean (Lana Condor) is a hopeless romantic in the habit of writing letters to her most epic crushes — writing, notsending. When the letters are leaked, she starts pretending to date Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) to divert attention from her real crush on her sister's boyfriend.

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With a bouncy pop soundtrack and visual style that is the envy of your entire Instagram feed, To All the Boysis the kind of movie you can return to again and again, a comfort watch as sweet as Lara Jean's baked goods. Will we ever tire of watching fictional characters fake love until it becomes real? If they're even half as adorable as these two, the answer is no. — P.K.

How to watch:To All the Boys I've Loved Beforeis now streaming on Netflix.

12. Our Souls at Night 

Quiet, sweet, and touching, Our Souls at Nightis a beautiful meditation on companionship and love. Jane Fonda and Robert Redford are excellent as two widowed, long-time neighbors who decide to start spending the night in the same bed to stave off loneliness. The arrangement is purely platonic, a simple solution to a problem — but as they get to know each other, a deeper love begins to bloom. 

Fonda and Redford are truly mesmerizing here, completely self-assured in bringing this spare, sophisticated script to life. There aren't a ton of films about romance in our twilight years, but the poignancy of Our Souls at Nightproves that the power of love will never get old. — K.G.

How to watch:Our Souls at Nightis now streaming on Netflix.

13. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Though this 1940s-set title is a bit of a mouthful, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Societyis a straightforward tale of boy-meets-girl. Or boy in a book club meets lady author who is staying in town to do research on the German occupation and uncovers WWII secrets. Lily James (Rebecca, Downton Abbey) and Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones) star as a bookish couple whose interest in history — and the author Charles Lamb — brings them together even as the world tries to move them away from each other. — Alexis Nedd, Senior Entertainment Reporter 

How to watch:The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Societyis now streaming on Netflix.

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14. The Half of It

Two girls talk on a street. Credit: Netflix

Director Alice Wu's The Half of Ithinges on straight-A student Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis) and her journey toward self-acceptance. It does wonders for the streaming service's rom-com catalog, not because it's especially new in its ideas, but because Wu executes them with a flair all her own.

A charming combination of unique subject matter and clichéd storytelling, The Half of Itexplores the perspectives of characters rare to the genre — namely, Ellie who is a queer, Chinese-American teenager — with some pretty predictable narrative turns. You haven't seen this story done with these characters anywhere else before, but you'll feel like you have. That's a victory for the genre in its own right.*A.F.

How to watch:The Half of It is now streaming on Netflix.

15. Call Me by Your Name

Timothée Chalamet became a household name with his raw and passionate performance in Luca Guadagnino's Call Me by Your Name (2017). Chalamet plays Elio, a teenager living with his parents in 1980s Italy. When his father, a professor of archaeology, invites a grad student to live with them over the summer, sparks fly between the two young men. When so many LGBTQ romances are centered on repression, Call Me by Your Name is defined by joy. The romance between Elio and Oliver (Armie Hammer) is both tentative and ardent, and as Mashable’s Laura Prudom put it, “will make you believe in love again.” Though Armie Hammer’s multiple sexual harassment scandals have cast a shadow on his former work, there’s no denying that Call Me By Your Nameis a hopeful, romantic triumph. — K.G.

How to watch:Call Me by Your Nameis streaming on Netflix starting July 1.

16. Always Be My Maybe

A man and a woman walk on a street while talking. Credit: Ed Araquel / Netflix

The thrill of a new romance often lies in just that — the fact that it's new. But what if your truest love lies in one of your oldest relationships? Always Be My Maybestars Ali Wong and Randall Park as a pair of childhood besties who lost touch in their teens but find their way back to each other as grownups. With a delightful supporting cast that also includes Daniel Dae Kim, James Saito, and Keanu Reeves, Always Be My Maybeis as deliciously cozy as a bowl of Mom's kimchi jjigae — and just as satisfying. — Angie Han, Deputy Entertainment Editor

How to watch:Always Be My Maybeis now streaming on Netflix.

17. The Last Letter From Your Lover

The sweeping, soapy melodrama The Last Letter From Your Loverspans half a century and checks off all the romance tropes: love letters, deceit, impeccable costumes, and ill-timed amnesia. It's The Notebookmeets An Affair to Remember, with a dash of every period romance sprinkled in for good measure. Don't think about it too hard, and you'll be sure to enjoy the ride. 

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It's the '60s, and Shailene Woodley is Jennifer Stirling, a woman putting the pieces of her life back together after a car accident damages her memories — and her connection to her husband, Laurence (Joe Alwyn). When she discovers a love letter between "J" and "Boot," she can't help but wonder what else she's forgotten. At the same time, we also follow Ellie (Felicity Jones), a present-day reporter who stumbles across the letter in her publication's archives and becomes determined to find out what happened to the mysterious, passionate pair. The Last Letter From Your Loveris moody, glamorous, and boasts a stellar cast — a cozy, stylish pick for movie night. — K.G.

How to watch:The Last Letter From Your Lover is now streaming on Netflix.

18. The Incredible Jessica James

A man and woman have a picnic in a park.Credit: Netflix

Get a masterclass in self-confidence and healthy communication from The Incredible Jessica James. Jessica Williams stars opposite Chris O'Dowd, with a supporting performance from LaKeith Stanfield. This charming tale of a woman who will stop at nothing to be loved the way she deserves explores so much of what makes romance the sticky business that it is. But this rom-com boasts just the right amount of optimism to keep you invested until its stunningly grounded happily-ever-after.*— A.F.

How to watch:The Incredible Jessica James is now streaming on Netflix.

19. Falling Inn Love

As a genre, romance can offer us a deep exploration of human relationships and what they demand of us — vulnerability, bravery, emotional intelligence — or it can simply be delightfully mindless fluff. Falling Inn Loveis a truly excellent example of the latter. Christina Milian is delightful as Gabriela, a city girl from San Francisco who somehow wins a rustic New Zealand inn. And who happens to be the only person qualified to help her fix up the ramshackle property? That’s right — the hunkiest guy in town, Jake (Adam Demos, who co-stars in Netflix's steamy series Sex/Life).

Look, you're not here for the plot. You're here to watch hot people fall in love in a beautiful location, and Falling Inn Loveabsolutely delivers, with charm to spare. — K.G.

How to watch:Falling Inn Love is now streaming on Netflix.

20. All the Bright Places

Two teenagers ride bikes in a forest. Credit: Michele K. Short / Netflix

There's nothing like a good ol' YA love story to get the tears going, and All the Bright Placesis a guaranteed tear-jerker. Adapted from Jennifer Niven's novel of the same name, All the Bright Placesfollows two lonely teenagers, Theodore Finch (Justice Smith) and Violet Markey (Elle Fanning), who serendipitously meet one day and become fast friends, then quickly fall in love. The two discover that they share many similarities despite never really talking to each other at school before, which All the Bright Placesuses to navigate hefty themes like teen mental health, loss, and grief. The ending will make you cry. Theodore and Violet's relationship will make you cry. And in my book, that's a 10/10 romance movie. — Y.H. 

How to watch:All the Bright Placesis now streaming on Netflix.

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